Friday, May 1, 2009

I am Me

Who could forget about Jonas?

Dear Mr. Wharton,
Thank you for once again not taking any advice, calling me a traitor then getting captured for not listening to me. Oh dear what a tangled web we weave. Let me call a plan to action, although the facility did save my life I trust them even less then I trust the Order. I have the upper hand, i'm smart. Not maggie smart, but street smart always have been.

I'll come save you Mr. Wharton, but we need to come to an agreement. That we can no longer keep our arrangement private as far as what we have arranged to protect Emma .
i'm sure you must be living through hell being forced to have intercourse with maggie unprotected and unselected, but fear not my dear friend I will be there shortly.
As for the rest of you. I'm coming
Annie Elizabeth Roberts

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm Back

Sounds so cliche' after how many times I left,
it's like I never really went anywhere.

the order is sick! Hacking all my stuff,
they can't take this from me,

they've all ready taken so much....

I saw what happened to Ethan, I watched all the videos
I feel really guilty.

Ethan did a lot for me, more then a lot of people know and I miss him.

Why does the order keep taking away people I love?
It makes me almost scared to get close to anyone.

Well it's not like I have many friends left anyways...

Ethan's dead, I haven't heard from Adam since you guys found out I came back and Garett I still don't trust.

Taag's split up, frankly I stopped watching videos after I found out Emma was safe.
Jonas can't forgive me, but what gives Sarah such redeeming qualities?

If he only knew the truth about her....

and now they want to pair me up with Tad Mckinely blehhh! gross

he's the one who caused all the problems in the first place...

Why couldn't they give me a hott, hott, hottie for a partner?

If only the Facility took suggestions...

Who am I to complain they rescued me and saved me from The Order...

and they are helping me protect the only family I have left...

I don't know i've got a lot on my mind..

I feel so a lone...

I just want everyone in the community to know I care about you guys a lot...

and i'll be watching,

remember Trust No One.....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the blog spot

All Hallow’s Eve
There Naive! but we will find them all, once every threat to our institution has been eliminated we can begin setting up posts...

- Castro Valley
-San Jose
_San Francisco
-Italy and Rome
There we will put our leader's into play. All ceremony girls will be iniated
and the following will Ascend to the highest State of Power
Lord Carruthers
Elizabeth Avery
Doctor Calvin Hart
Ted and his younger son Ted Mckinely
and our faithful watchers GARY and TREVOR who've kept an eye on Annie and Tiffany.

There is nothing to fear, as long as we have the program and the codes safely locked at our place of birth WE CAN NOT BE STOPPED
Just as long as those kids can not decode the hints in Annie's video the THE OLHYM PART 2 and drunk at the cleaners.
They will never get it, it was too broad...
We can not be stopped! We will be succesful at our goal to create a new world order
our Utopia Our Creation....


The password and your support....

Thank you for cracking the password thanks to Jimmy0307, virginian and SNl we cracked the myspace code for The password is Jasmine08, which explains the date. I encourge all of you to read the blog, I need to know whether or not you guys want me to give up the fight or continue the fight.

Meanwhile funeral arrangements are being planned for Annie. Adam returned with a friend and they took her to the morgue to have her cremated. She loved the beach, were going there to go ahead and spread her ashes there. An unfortunate tragedy in the community.

I encourage the community to submit their artwork and videos showing how you cared about Annie. Please reply via and show the order they can not win and Annie's fight continues.

We will make a memorial out of your videos and pictures....
Please have them done by this Sunday

post them as video responses to schizophrenic...

We are the resistance


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Sorry I tried to email you, but the order hacked into my account, No one can be to safe, take the letter and post it on and lg15today figure it out

log on to

Possible passwords?

Haven't figured it out

so far
we tried

and variations of that we need to get into their account.

Help ASAP.

the letter find the password


Dear Aladdin,
Everything is going according to plan and The Hart Study will be completed. I have to tell you though the GENIE did not come up short on his three wishes. First we find the Fountain of Life, which he foretold that we could not wish for. Then we discovered the greatest treasure of all the love between sisters. Each of the separated, in our Magic Lamp they await their destiny. Our second wish is forced love, which the GENIE said he could not promise, but I have disproved him wrong we have our parrots amongst them; TaaG, the FTO, THE ROA and even innocent bystanders such as LFX101, Mason and Tiffany who is Na├»ve beyond reason. All shall be revealed in time though. Our third wish the GENIE said he could not promise as well, but we as well as the SULTAN’S ADVISOR KNOW that All Hallow’s Eve he can bring forth what he promised and begin the dawn of a new age. Where we are kings with eternal power, love and control over our separate domains. Then and only then will everyone crumble before us.

Eternally and Forbiddingly yours,



We are still out there,
protecting a very important secret...

we were all deceived,
so we must bring forth the truth,

but it requires a deal with the devil
seek the truth betwee their lies

reborn is our leader,
and our savior.

They will be revealed in time...
A secret that was witheld,
will come out just fine...

Can you seek the truth?
Do you want it?

I'll be in chat tonight at 7:00
for all unanswered questions,

but i'll only come if you reply....