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The Olhym by Stephanie Navarro Wilson

In Loving Memory of Bree Avery and Those Died in the Fight Against The Order

So let’s recap, ever since my “rock climbing accident” my memories, been blotched, but getting messages from Greg Gallows, Jenni Powell, Ethan, Christian and everyone who’s been viewing my videos, I’ve been trying to piece it together. It all started in Ghiradelli square, with Jonas and Daniel; we were trying to help them rescue Emma. I’m still trying to rescue Emma, because here at the Temple of Olhym she is not safe. Her parents were promised, protection, a life free from the order where Emma could just be a normal teenager without having to be on the run, but that’s not true. The Order has many factions, all over the world. They disguise themselves behind hope and peace, behind change. They prey on those who are searching for spirituality or change in their lives and they’ve been under your noses all along. The Hymn of One; Verdus, the Olhym, The Wyman Foundation, it is all one giant front for a big conspiracy.

If you don’t believe me I suggest you recap at and, there are literally hundreds of videos of those affected by the order every single day. Everyone started with the best of intentions, but ultimately as Jenni concluded and Daniel, Jonas, Sarah and even Gina know, The Order will stop; at nothing to get the blood of these trait positive girls. If a few have to die, it does not matter because it is all in the name of progress for these elders. How do I know so much? Truth be told, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to admit, but I think my dad maybe an elder and my mother just another pawn for the order. I’m trying to piece these memories together, so I guess I might as well start in chronological order.

I don’t remember ever having a child hood, it’s strange, but I remember reading a lot and sleeping a lot. I did not have a lot of friends my own age, but I hung out with my cousins a lot. It seems like just yesterday I was down in San Francisco with everyone looking for Jonas and Daniel. The question is, why did I go there? Up until that week I had no idea, about Bree, the Order, Emma or even Gina. So let me tell you the truth, of how and why I got there when I did. I’m afraid I think I’m partially to blame for Jonas and Daniel being followed. You see I was at home when a few mysterious screen names popped up Olhym, Jazzy1, Danielbeast and Purplemonkey, simultaneously started streaming me videos about The Order and about their cry for help.

Logically most people would think to call the police first, but maybe that was my big mistake. My parents agreed with me that we shouldn’t go alone and that the police needed to get involved. My dad dialed the phone and a women picked up the other line and asked me exactly where the event was and who would be involved. I didn’t know it then, but the events following Ghiradelli Square, I realize now the women on the phone was Bree’s Watcher Lucy.

What is a Watcher? According to the beliefs of the Hymn of One and the Olhym a A Watcher is supposed to protect these special young girls from harm and from anyone who would try and stop them from completing the ceremony. The Olhym trains them specifically at an early age, to stop at nothing to watch out for these special girls. When I first got to Ghiradelli Square there was a van outside, a female with blonde hair; thick sunglasses and black all over was sitting inside. Her eyes were cold, but I kept walking and met up with the rest of the group who was trying to help.

Jenni Powell, Aja, Wookie, Karen and her Daughter, Greg Gallows and so many more people. I was shocked at the turn out, but it felt nice to be around people my own age for once in my life. Everybody was so welcoming, they genuinely wanted to help Daniel and Jonas and somehow I prayed that someone would care about me that much to want to help me as well to one day, if I ever needed it. For more then a couple hours we all waited for them, but no one came. There were people in suits walking around with thick glasses as well, and it only caused people to huddle together. They were watchers and everyone knew that it meant trouble. Being the newbie Jenni and Greg Gallows filled me in about Watchers and about Lucy.

Lucy was the same girl that I saw in the van, but I did not say anything. Maybe she was undercover? Maybe she was trying to help? That’s when it hit me though, her voice, she ran up to us and questioned each and every one of us if we had seen those two boys. My heart pulsed when I heard her voice it was the same girl my dad had been talking to over the phone. We all denied seeing her, and she left and everyone immediately feared that Daniel and Jonas maybe in trouble. Simultaneously as if we all had one heart beat and one mind, it got silent. Everyone was worried that Lucy may have found them, so we all looked around.

Then it happened, a phone went off and we all looked down thinking it was our cell phone, no Jonas and Daniel left a cell phone in the dirt of a plant to communicate with us in a very James Bond like move. It had an encrypted code and we finally put together they were at The Canary. We must have searched through every bar, every store, but finally someone put it together they were in the back part of the Canary. Daniel and Jonas could not have been much older then most of us their and Daniel had his camera pointed at us the whole time, I must have been crazy to buy into all this hype. If anyone was in real danger, why on Earth would they have a camera in our faces then calling the cops or some type of authorities?

I still went a long with it though, and I read the letter with everyone else. It had clues, lots of them. As a group we were all trying to piece it together, I was scared though because of Lucy. Ghiradelli was not the first time I’d seen her. She’s been to my house before, when I was little me and my cousin Sonia would play outside in the backyard and Lucy would watch us. I never felt safe with her around, and I still don’t. She rarely talks if ever, and she stares at you. Lucy has a purpose, a need that the Order has promised to fulfill her and she’s determined to get it at any cost.

Warned by another fan, Jonas and Daniel took off running Lucy found us, but a few brave fans blocked her way. Still she was able to catch up with Daniel and Jonas who frantically ran away as we proceeded to the pier where they said they would meet us. Sadly though they never came, because Lucy continued to purse them, later however they sent a text message revealing that Greg Gallows seen taking a picture with Lucy was in fact a mole. Somehow I still feel responsible though, as if it was my fault Lucy showed up.

Everyone was determined to help them find Emma and finally after a few days the note was cracked and the group became very proactive and set out to find William Porter’s House. I don’t know if they posted the videos after, or if I was streaming live, but I think we were all relieved to know they were okay. I don’t know about everyone else, but life just got stranger after I got home. My parents were infuriated that I had gone down to help; what’s more my dad seemed upset that they got away more then anything. After “Doing their Research” They revealed Jonas, Daniel and even Bree were a group of conspirators working against the company my dad worked for; Verdus Pharmaceuticals. He called them hippies, and forbade me from communicating with them, but later on that night however both of my parents apologized and actually suggested I reach out to the group.

They gave me a web camera and that’s when I began my own video blogging and like everyone else I was shocked to find out that Bronislava “Bree” and Yeugini “Gina” were actually sisters. Right away I noticed similarities in them, but I think we all might have. The group needed two weeks to hide out, in the mean time we were all making plans to see how they could proactively fight the order.

Life semi went back to normal, but then I started getting sick and my mom and dad took me to see a doctor. I guess I’m anemic because they made me start taking iron pills and they took several blood tests from me which the doctor reported as “inconclusive results” It was then when my life changed and Sonia and the good doctor showed up at my front door.

I heard my dad and the doctor in a heated argument after he showed up. My mom made me sit in my room with head phones, so that I could not hear anything they were saying. There were gun shots and a scream, I ran downstairs, but my dad was no where to be seen, all I saw was my mother frightened and walking out the front door. The Watchers guided me out and although Sonia was scared she grabbed me by the arms and reassured everything would be okay. At this moment I thought I was going to die, and that my father was all ready dead.

I cried, but I did not say anything, all I have left is my mother. I did not and will never trust Sonia. I saw the videos they left of her; at this moment I wished we were closer though. Daniel had Bree, then Sarah and Taylor, same goes for Jonas and Emma and even Jennie. They always have had and continue to have each other’s back, but who would rescue me from my own personal hell?

My mother and I were both blind folded and tied up on the ride over to the Olhym. Sonia assured me it was like a sorority and we were getting initiated to join. She kept telling me how special I was and that I would be one of the only graduates from the Olhym. I would have told her to shut up, but there was tape across my mouth and my hands were tied which prevented me from slapping her.

When we arrived my mother was taken to visit “The Cleaners” and Sonia helped me settle in. Video blogging had been forbidden, but as soon as Sonia went to sleep I began pacing back and forth and trying to put together what was going on. Watchers and Shadows seem to never sleep, they were everywhere so I got low and made a shocking discovery, Ted Mckinely was there.

The next morning I began my first day of classes at the Olhym, to explain my gaps in videos. Video tape is forbidden in “our religion”, but I did my best to keep everyone updated. Sonia assured me my mother would be back soon and there was nothing to worry about, but again, how can I trust Sonia? Classes were tough, we weren’t allowed to make mistakes, and I got even more confused when they took me to the practice room.

Everyone at the Olhym is required to take music classes no matter what major you were taking. After introducing me to Lillianna, Maneje and Trevor, Sonia took me to the piano room to help me find “My Freedom Song” or as the Hymn of One know it as “My eternal song” Obviously I couldn’t find it, unless you count one hour of me banging my head on the piano because of Sonia’s squirrel voice is a Hymn.

That night I was still waiting for my mom anxiously and any sign or word from my mother, but Sonia said they were just fine. She decided it was time for girl talk and that was actually pretty nice. We got to talk about boys and her losing religion and eventually find new faith in the Olhym. It’s been on my mind, so I finally hit her with a curve ball. “Sonia, what happened to the ceremony baby?”

She was speechless and a bit confused as if she had no idea what I was talking about. Right then the doorbell rang, and we both rushed to open it. It was my mom and she had a black eye and nearly passed out on the floor in front of me. I grabbed her by the arm and brought her to the bed. I stayed up while she was sleeping and tried to put it together. After a while Sonia fell asleep and I logged on to the forum to try and get help, but surprise, surprise I had been blocked.

Watchers freak me out beyond belief, it was the middle of the night and all the lights were off. I was partially to blame for being half a wake, but that’s when he grabbed me. I tried to frantically kick and fight him off, but he was too strong and he dragged me off. For those of you who have followed the mysterious death of Bree Avery you are not alone. Gary and I posted a video blog about everything he knew about the Olhym and the impending graduation ceremony. The rumor around these parts is that Bree is still alive and the whole thing was a front so that she could descend into a higher being. There were only three days, before any of us would find out what was really going on.

My nerves began to rattle as the ceremony was so soon and I feared I maybe the next girl to mysteriously vanish. Gary said I was safe though, that they needed me, they needed me and girls like Lilianna to complete the Hart Study. The ones that were in danger were Gina, Emma and a girl named Tiffani. I had three days to figure this out, but I’m afraid this is where things begin to really get fuzzy.

Over here I had no friends, but for some reason I felt a connection with Greg Gallows, Jenni Powell, Ethan, Daniel, Jonas and even Sarah. Video communicating is a weird way of talking, but it made me feel as if I had a family. As much as advice I had given the group, it was time for me to start taking my own advice and start being proactive about things. I found out there was a small group of us who believed that The Olhym was just another front for the Order.

That’s when we did it we formed the R.A.O., the Retaliation Against The Order. The members consisted of; Maneje, a distant Christian, a very distant Greg Gallows, former watchers; Lee and Amber and finally Jenna. All of us had pertinent information about the Order and just how dangerous they really are. Maneje and Jenna’s parents were both brutality killed in front of them and they were taken to the Cleaners which of whom temporarily clean out your memory. Lee and Amber quit after they were sent to England and they witnessed the brutal murder of another Trait Positive Girl. Despite what they told me, I felt as if had to reach out to Ethan a.k.a Lonefox to try and help him save Tiffani before it was too late.

They said he could not be trusted his step father was Ted Mckinley the Dean of Affairs, and his half brother was Tad, but for whatever reason I shared a genuine kinship with him. This caused me to search for clues, and commit my own breaking and entering.

Seeing that Ted is the Dean of Affairs it could have easily been assumed he would have information on everybody, so late at night we all snuck into his office and carefully through several clues were able to unlock his records safe and hack into his lap top computer. We started stealing several papers, on Bree, Jonas, Daniel, Emma and even Ethan. They were all and may still be all targeted hits from the Order. If I had only known Jenna was working against us, I would not have involved her in anyway. She tripped off an alarm and we all ran in several different directions, Maneje being the only one to escape with several of the letters, and remain uncaught.

In the morning all of us tried to pretend as if we knew nothing at all, and were “sleep walking” or blissfully unaware of what happened. We were planning to talk to Lilianna about a letter we found, but as you saw in our latest video as soon as we turned around the corner a Cleaner dragged her off.

Without Gary around and without being able to question Lilianna, we were only a moment away from the Ceremony it was hard to determine how we were going to find out exactly how they completed the Hart Study. Cleaners in the Olhym maintain balance, and they erase bad memories and dreams that you may have by any form of force necessary. It takes several weeks for their beatings and brain washing to take effect, but luckily for the group I was the only one captured.

For several days I remained intoxicated, drugged and beaten by the cleaner, but I was only allowed to see daylight when I was preparing for the ceremony. However being locked in my bunker the only form of communication I had was the internet, but instead of placing pertinent information on the web about what was going on I made several drunk videos and some how sent them to Christian.

The only thing of deep importance that I was able to keep without the Cleaners noticing was a letter from the Cleaners to Ted about Lonefox also known as Ethan and Jonas. I had ripped into several shreds so that they would think it was nothing of importance and spent several days trying to put it together. Finally in the letter it was revealed that Ethan’s parents were fighting the Order along side Jonas’s parents. Ethan’s parents would not convert and both their children were taken from them, In fear that they may never see their son again or he maybe killed Jonas’s Parents gave in more easily.

Now it makes sense, why they seemed to care more about their daughter Emma then Jonas. As much as the Order tried to make Jonas believe it, till this day they have absolutely no idea who he is. For the past eight or nine years they had been brainwashed by the cleaners to forget him.

With Christian’s help also known as the “Germexican” we found away to keep contact with each other. The R.A.O., but It was too late, the ceremony was tomorrow and once and for all I was going to find out what happened to Bree and what was going to happen to me in the end. I told the gang to stay away because I did not want them to get any more hurt then they have, I trusted my mom and if I could convince her to leave the Olhym I might stand a chance at spreading the word about the Order and saving the rest of the group.

Seeing as this could possibly have been my last day of life I had my video camera out despite my newly reformed mother’s protest. She kept insisting that I should put the camera down and trust her that Ted was not out to hurt us. Déjà vu, this scene definitely seemed like when Emma trusted Dr. Hart and she got kidnapped, I tried to convince her that we were all in trouble, but she pointed down further. I could not believe my own eyes, but there was a brunette standing by the water… It was Bree….

In a frantic panic I ran down screaming “Bree! Bree!”, but was struck down by my mother. When I regained consciousness I realized the girl I was looking at had similar qualities, but was not Bree at all. When I finally woke up two watchers held me down as my mother turned the video camera on me for once. She pleaded with me to say something before the ceremony took place, but at the moment I became a mute. Members of the Order attempted to toss me around several times and resorted to violence to try and get me to speak out about Jonas and Daniel, but I never said anything.

Although I only met them once, just like everyone else I felt a kinship with them and I couldn’t betray them. Not now, not after everything they’ve been through and besides their had not been any video blogs for a while from them I honestly did not know where they were.

At the Graduation Ceremony I was so disoriented, I couldn’t tell, but I think someone plugged an IV into me and an oxygen mask I could hear my mom screaming to let her complete it first, to take her not me. That was the last thing I heard, and as I heard a heart monitor flat line, I honestly thought this was the end for me.

A few days later I woke up unaware of who I was, and not in the temple of Olhym. I was living with a foster family that I thought were my real parents. They tried to convince me it was all a bad dream and that I fell rock climbing. I don’t know where I was, but life went back to normal. Trevor ultimately became my best friend and he was there to help me try and get my memory back, or ultimately make sure I never got it back. So he acted very chummy with me, but for several weeks I began to forget.

Then it was time to go home, my parents disappeared once more and I was back in the Olhym with Sonia who seemed genuinely concerned over my disappearance. Sadly enough though at that point I did not even know who she was.

Several days went by and I finally began to convert to the Hymn of One and the Olhym, nothing seemed odd to me except this persistent cold I began to have. They were giving me injections to deal with the coughing though, and I rather liked it here. Then she finally came and everything started coming back to me everything.

As President of my class it was my job to greet the new people, there was a family coming and Trevor and I were told to handle it with care. Their parents came out and were greeted by Ted Mckinely’s son Tad Mckinely and me and Trevor. Then the girl came out she was quite shy and hid behind her parents whimpering, she was still crying from her train trip over here, her name is Emma.

She was completely silent until she was settling into my bunker, when she cornered me and finally stated, “You helped my brother in Ghiradelli, you were there, you have to help me get out of here.” Naturally I had no idea what she was talking about, I generally thought she was insane in her panic, but she kept pleading with me to help her and finally she knocked me up against a bed post and inadvertently started jogging my memory.

She would not tell me her name, but she began showing me videos about her family and the Order. I could not believe my eyes, these kids had footage, actually footage of the Order killing people and attempting to kill others. Among the list of the dead stood; Drew Avery, Bree Avery, Virgil, Ethan, Gemma, Kate and possibly a Greg Mason. All of which played key parts in trying to prevent the Order from finding the next trait positive girl.

I tried asking Sonia about it, but she said none of it was real and that the new girl had been brainwashed to come up with crazy conspiracies. I was almost convinced not to help her then another video pulled up, from Sonia and Daniel arguing about how Sonia felt betrayed and Daniel stating she was the one who served Bree to them. That night we got into a heated argument about my video in which I called her out about everything and even accused her of being a murderer.

Emma tried to be the voice of reason, but honestly I waited a long time and attempted to tackle Sonia and continuously hit her until she admitted to me what was going on. Finally I gave up and turned to my webcam once again for answers; while we were walking a watcher had dropped a video into my back pocket. With a code on it, and Emma desperately wanted to leave a message to Jonas.

It was an 8mm Standard VHS tape the only one with a camera like that was a Tad Mckinely. We only had one shot at this and with no one logging on to, we had no leads. Everyone was too busy trying to help Greg Gallows find Kimmy, other lives were at stake, but I feared ours might be as well.

She got scared, but I told her to hold the camera up as I attempted one of my final breaking and entering, but an alarm went off and we had to flee.

I managed to get Emma all the way to the parking lot, where we hid the beds of trucks and in the trunks of open cars that we could find. She must’ve had learned a few tricks from Jonas because she shimmied her way from the trunk into the back seat, into the driver’s seat and hotwired the car. Being that she is only sixteen, I took over the driving and we took several turns and twists until we finally ended up at the gates of the Olhym which was watched by several watchers.

I could not ram the gates, they were too strong it would just crush the car, I remembered because we tried it before. No with the little head start we got, we both got out and I helped Emma climb the fence, she made it to the other side and I told her to run. I tried following her, but a watcher shot me in the leg and I fell over to the other side. I did not want her to get left behind so I told her to run ahead and I would meet her where we had discussed earlier as soon as I can.

I crawled, but they continued to open fire. Suddenly the guns stopped, they were knocked unconscious and when I looked up the rest of R.A.O. Had come to my rescue with Sonia, Maneje handed her the rest of the papers and Sonia hopped the fence with the video camera and helped me hobble over to the only place we could be safe for at least a few hours. The cemetery down the street, I told Emma to wait at.

Losing a lot of blood is not a fun experience and I could definitely feel myself getting fainter by the second. I had to know, why was Sonia helping me now out of all times? Apparently Sonia had started the R.A.O. and she’s been trying to help girls like myself ever since Bree’s death. The whole thing was just a front, but still I was not sure if I could trust her.

After several hours we finally reached the cemetery Emma was waiting anxiously. Being with her brother on the run for so long, I was surprised to see how mature Emma was and how well she was handling things. The bullet had cut clear through my leg and she wrapped up my wound as I screamed in agony and covered it with candle wax, so it would stop bleeding. For sixteen this girl honestly is a force to be reckoned with, and now even more questions were running through my mind as I continued to get weaker and fainter.

Sonia had the tape me and Emma were trying to view, EMGIANN, Trait + vs Carriers. Emma and Gina, and exactly what it said Trait positive vs. carriers. She put it in the camera and as we all hid in the mausoleum from the watchers and shadows we huddled together as Sonia played the tape. In a shocking discovery, it all made sense now. It made perfect sense exactly how they completed the Hart Study.

There are two types of girls they seek; trait positive like Emma and Gina and then carriers like me and my mother. What is the difference exactly? Trait positive girls have the blood the order seeks, but they themselves can no produce another trait positive girl, one reason why the Hart Study failed. After Dr. Hart’s death a closer look into Lilianna’s birth concluded her mother was a carrier and Lilianna is in fact trait positive. They never were going to kill me unless they had to, know they were going to use me to make other trait positive girls.

It all started coming back to me now, the Ceremony, everything. My mother was still alive somewhere, she wasn’t dead at all; she was married, to an elder. It’s a sickening thought to think that these elders; these higher beings would use women to breed then kill their own daughters, but this is not the first time it’s happened at all. All over the world different factions of the Order is searching not only for trait positive girls, but carriers.

Gary was right; they can’t complete the Hart Study or were all in trouble. Instead of waiting on these girls to hit a certain age, they’ll kill trait positive girls on the spot now, that they have a way of finding and creating more. This means Emma; Sonia and I will die here unless somebody helps.

So please anyone who reads this I strongly encourage you to fight back. Join the R.A.O. or start your own group. Do whatever it takes to help Jonas, Daniel and the rest of their friends. The Order is everywhere and their hunting; it could be your Mother, your sister, your wife, but don’t give in fight back. We proved that we could help Jonas and Daniel, but now I’m asking you to help us to.

If we don’t fight, no one else will and all these missing persons and deaths that have occurred in attempting to save these girls and fight the order would have been for nothing. Copies of this letter will be mailed to Greg Gallows and Christian, please send this out, spread the word. The Order is after everybody who tries to stand in their way,

And if the three of us don’t make it out of this Mausoleum continue the fight. If we do this together, we can honestly win. Don’t be afraid Fight the Order.


Annie, Sonia and Emma

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