Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the blog spot

All Hallow’s Eve
There Naive! but we will find them all, once every threat to our institution has been eliminated we can begin setting up posts...

- Castro Valley
-San Jose
_San Francisco
-Italy and Rome
There we will put our leader's into play. All ceremony girls will be iniated
and the following will Ascend to the highest State of Power
Lord Carruthers
Elizabeth Avery
Doctor Calvin Hart
Ted and his younger son Ted Mckinely
and our faithful watchers GARY and TREVOR who've kept an eye on Annie and Tiffany.

There is nothing to fear, as long as we have the program and the codes safely locked at our place of birth WE CAN NOT BE STOPPED
Just as long as those kids can not decode the hints in Annie's video the THE OLHYM PART 2 and drunk at the cleaners.
They will never get it, it was too broad...
We can not be stopped! We will be succesful at our goal to create a new world order
our Utopia Our Creation....


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