Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the letter find the password


Dear Aladdin,
Everything is going according to plan and The Hart Study will be completed. I have to tell you though the GENIE did not come up short on his three wishes. First we find the Fountain of Life, which he foretold that we could not wish for. Then we discovered the greatest treasure of all the love between sisters. Each of the separated, in our Magic Lamp they await their destiny. Our second wish is forced love, which the GENIE said he could not promise, but I have disproved him wrong we have our parrots amongst them; TaaG, the FTO, THE ROA and even innocent bystanders such as LFX101, Mason and Tiffany who is Na├»ve beyond reason. All shall be revealed in time though. Our third wish the GENIE said he could not promise as well, but we as well as the SULTAN’S ADVISOR KNOW that All Hallow’s Eve he can bring forth what he promised and begin the dawn of a new age. Where we are kings with eternal power, love and control over our separate domains. Then and only then will everyone crumble before us.

Eternally and Forbiddingly yours,


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Anonymous said...

what is the email? the one you said in chat does not seem to work?