Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The password and your support....

Thank you for cracking the password thanks to Jimmy0307, virginian and SNl we cracked the myspace code for Theolhymnofone@yahoo.com The password is Jasmine08, which explains the date. I encourge all of you to read the blog, I need to know whether or not you guys want me to give up the fight or continue the fight.

Meanwhile funeral arrangements are being planned for Annie. Adam returned with a friend and they took her to the morgue to have her cremated. She loved the beach, were going there to go ahead and spread her ashes there. An unfortunate tragedy in the community.

I encourage the community to submit their artwork and videos showing how you cared about Annie. Please reply via youtube.com/wilannies and show the order they can not win and Annie's fight continues.

We will make a memorial out of your videos and pictures....
Please have them done by this Sunday

post them as video responses to schizophrenic...

We are the resistance


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