Wednesday, October 1, 2008


We are still out there,
protecting a very important secret...

we were all deceived,
so we must bring forth the truth,

but it requires a deal with the devil
seek the truth betwee their lies

reborn is our leader,
and our savior.

They will be revealed in time...
A secret that was witheld,
will come out just fine...

Can you seek the truth?
Do you want it?

I'll be in chat tonight at 7:00
for all unanswered questions,

but i'll only come if you reply....



Anonymous said...

Garret, what room will you be in?

AnnieHearsYou said...

I'll be in the main chat room.. but i have to know more people care about Annie and the cause... I need to know your not the only one with questios because of the danger involved...