Friday, May 1, 2009

I am Me

Who could forget about Jonas?

Dear Mr. Wharton,
Thank you for once again not taking any advice, calling me a traitor then getting captured for not listening to me. Oh dear what a tangled web we weave. Let me call a plan to action, although the facility did save my life I trust them even less then I trust the Order. I have the upper hand, i'm smart. Not maggie smart, but street smart always have been.

I'll come save you Mr. Wharton, but we need to come to an agreement. That we can no longer keep our arrangement private as far as what we have arranged to protect Emma .
i'm sure you must be living through hell being forced to have intercourse with maggie unprotected and unselected, but fear not my dear friend I will be there shortly.
As for the rest of you. I'm coming
Annie Elizabeth Roberts

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